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The magic umbrella

Duration: around 50mnt
Genre: Tale adventure/fantasy, 3D Animation
Audience: 6-9 ans
In developement


After spending his entire childhood dreaming of travelling and eating some cheese, Raditz our young hero
Leaves his community and his kin to discover the world and find answers.

That first journey leads him to the city where everything is fine until he meets
the magic umbrella, a magical object moving by its own accord that takes him against his will,
overseas and into the country of cheese.

The magic umbrella gives him supernatural powers and opens a gate to a parallel world
Where he meets an omnipotent being Who happens to be his very own destiny.
His destiny uses the umbrella as a medium to manifest itself and takes him beyong the gate in adventures
where he will learn to control his magical powers.

His endeavouring obsession for cheese gives him strength and courage but is also
an obstacle that he has to circumvent to reach his goals.

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vidéo: Ratistocrate. The magic umbrella.